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All Tours include: Morning & Afternoon Tea
Lunch (Unless stated as Optional )
National Park Fees
Admission Fees
Camping Fees
Pick up from Local Accommodation
Our Vehicle is Equipped with: Recovery Gear
First aid Kit
Tool Kit
Mobile Phone
On board Refrigerator
Your Vehicle Requirements: Your Vehicle must be reliable, high clearance 4WD, fully serviced and
Mechanical faults rectified before participating.
Must be Insured & Registered
Recovery Gear
Tool Kit
UHF Radio (available for Hire)
What we recommend to pack: Camera & Film
Hat, Sunscreen & Sunglasses
First Aid Kit (bandaids, Paracetamol)
?Strong Sturdy Shoes
Current Medication (Asthma, Heart)

Top 2 Wedding Djs in Melbourne

Top 2 Wedding Djs in Melbourne
Picking a DJ for your special day can be nothing less of stressful. This is why we have put together a little bit of information about the top 2 wedding DJs in Melbourne.?

1. Tiny Bubbles Entertainment
This wedding (and other event) DJ is an musician-owned and operated company, therefore the emphasis on sound quality and the production value is an key opponent of what this company offers. Before your perfect day arrives, they will contact you to make sure you get the experience wanted by playing the music you like and setting the tone you would like to see. This company is rated a 5 out of 5 and always has their bubbles free!

2. DJ Shane Entertainment
This company only hires professionals who take their job seriously and will respect your guests. They will not play dirty music, drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, or tell dirty jokes/ embarrass you just to get a laugh out of the guests. Some DJs try to be the center of attention, but this is your day and all the attention should be on you. This DJ is also rated a 5 out of 5 and will not charge you a set up/ tear down fee!?

These two are the top rated of all the DJs in Melbourne Fl, contact them today!


Find Cheap Dog Beds in an Assortment of Styles and Sizes

Find Cheap Dog Beds in an Assortment of Styles and Sizes

Inexpensive Pet Supplies are a Better Bargain

Buying cheap dog beds for pets is better than spending a lot of money on expensive animal supplies. Animals love to chew on things, and this is annoying when an item is costly. Because most people are on strict budgets, ordering cheap dog beds from a brick-and-mortar or online store is a great way to save money. Just because pet supplies are offered at bargain prices does not mean the items are defective or going to fall apart. In many cases, pet supply stores offer cheap dog beds at bulk prices so that shoppers can have multiple products delivered at one time.

Bulk Ordering of Pet Supplies is Easy?

Bulk ordering of cheap dog beds is a great option for owners who want more than one for different pets or to have the items located in various parts of a home. Of course, if someone doesnt need several cheap dog beds at http://www.doggybeds.com.au for a pet, then they can give the items away as gifts or keep extras in storage until it is needed. Despite finding pet supplies at a reduced price, the products are available in attractive colors, patterns and sizes that are appropriate for a rooms dcor and a particular pet.